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Our Program

Our Program



We offer both part-time and full-time programs. Parents have the option to drop-off and pick-up anytime between 7:00 am to 6:00 pm. A part-time program consists of a minimum of two days a week.

The early years are critical for a child’s development and set the tone for life-long learning. We take pride in taking this significant opportunity to work with your child. Our curriculum is centered around play-based learning with a focus on helping children gain confidence and independence. Our program is diligently planned, keeping your child’s needs in mind. We offer stimulating activities that are developmentally appropriate and provide children the opportunity to further enhance skills across various domains, such as social, emotional, cognitive and physical. We value and appreciate the uniqueness of each child.

TechOur Technology

The key to technology for children is moderation. While today’s world runs on technology and children need to be familiarized with the basics, there is much more to our play-based learning program that will enhance your child’s development. However, any time we have an opportunity to utilize technology as a way of strengthening a child’s understanding of certain skills and concepts we take that opportunity confidently.  Our centre is equipped with tablets and televisions to support and enhance learning.

For the use of parents, our technology is well advanced. Our premises is protected by surveillance, security systems, and automated entry with authorization. We offer all parents access to real-time video of their child in their class. Access is granted to each parent to the room of their child only.


We believe that a healthy mind cannot be attained without a healthy body; therefore, we take a lot of pride and initiative in serving meals and snacks that are healthy and nutritious. We follow Canada’s Food Guide to ensure that all serving portions are met daily and cover all four food groups. All our meals are prepared on premises by a certified trained and licensed cook. Our focus with our meals is to provide your child with balanced nutrition and a healthy attitude towards food.

MealsOur weekly menus will be posted within the centre. With the changing seasons, a rotational new four-week menu will be provided.

We attempt to accommodate dietary needs preferences, sensitivity, and allergies. For further inquiries please contact us.

Hakuna Matata is a complete peanut and nut-free facility. Should your child require specific alternatives that are not provided, please communicate with the Supervisor to address the issue with the office so special arrangements can be made accordingly.